We bring happiness and health to your dog! 

Read our product features and try our products today. After that, you will also understand the adoration of the dogs and the happiness of our customers.

Natural ingredients

The FERBELT® products do not contain preservatives and artificial flavour enhancers. Main ingredients of products consist of high quality meats, vegetables, fruits and rice.


FERBELT® products meet even stricter health regulations than food produced for human consumption. Our products undergo regular laboratory testing. Manufacturing processes guarantee trusted quality products.

100% CARE

At every stage of the manufacturing process FERBELT® products are handled with the greatest care and expertise. Packaging is specifically designed to be suited for direct serving of food. 


Cooked products are available deep frozen* in 250 gram or 400 gram packs.

*For the best taste and consistency, deep frozen products are recommended to thaw in refrigerator 24 hours before use, but products can also be defrosted in microwave oven.

No need to touch the food, packaging makes direct serving possible.

Our glass products do not require refrigeration and can be served directly to pets.

The packaging of the product ensures that you do not touch the food and give it directly to your dog.

FERBELT ...for loyalty
FERBELT ...for loyalty


FERBELT® products specifically made for dogs follow the recipe ingredients recommended by the head of department of the University of Veterinary Science.

Meals are always prepared from fresh raw materials, products are laboratory tested, quality guaranteed.

In-plant professional heat treatment guarantees product consistency and valid expiry date.

Packaging is specifically designed to be suitable also for feeding long-eared dogs. 


Allergiás kutyának is adható eledelek
Allergiás kutyának is adható eledelek


Nowadays people are allergic to more and more things, why wouldn't it be different with dogs being so close to us?

FERBELT® DOG FOOD also offers meals for dogs with allergies. 

For dogs with allergies to lactose, gluten and poultry we have superior quality "safe" products too. Find them on our Menu or select "Hypoallergenic" labelled weekly meal plans. 

FERBELT® ...for loyalty