Wherever you live in the world, you can help dogs who need support. Each purchase gives you another day to stay alive with a Yorkshire Terrier dog.

By purchasing this product, the "Állat és Ember" Állatvédő Egyesület Yorkie fajtamentés (Yorkie Animal Rescue Association, York and Animal Protection Association) FERBELT® CHARITY program.

ATTENTION! This product will be shipped to the supported organization after ordering. We do not ship to your address, but to the site of the Animal Welfare Association.

Packaging: 400 gram or 7 x 400 grams. Food stored in the freezer and heated in a microwave oven can also be used for direct serving.

Main ingredients: Poultry, beef and pork, vegetables, fruits, rice

Prices are in Hungarian Forints. (HUF/Ft) 

(info: HUF 1 = $ 0.003 or HUF 1.00 = € 0.002) 

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